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What kinds of functions are available in Commander Info?

Commander Info is available by touching the character image in the upper left corner of the game screen.

Following functions are available in the Commander Info.

◆ XP

- Commander level increases when XP is full and points to increase Commander Trait are given.

- XP can be obtained by battling AFV Platoons and completing quests.

◆ Stamina

- This is a necessary stat to play AFV Platoon.

- Stamina replenishes over time and can be filled by using a 'Stamina' item.

◆ Capture Points

- The number required to attack a command center of another commander and capture resources, and the points are deducted at the start of an attack.

- Capture Points replenishes over time. Maximum point will increase depending on Commander level.

# Capture Points will not be deducted when attacking Battle Group and other Command Center of the current account.

# If these are not enough Capture Points, attack is still possible but cannot capture resources.

◆ Change Commander's Name

- Commander's name can be changed.

# Names can be 3-12 characters long. Spaces and some special characters cannot be used. 

◆ Change Commander Character

- Selected Commander character can be changed.

# Commander character can only be changed to a character that is assigned to the initial selected country.

◆ Commander Trait and Reset

- Learn traits that are divided into Ground Force, Aircraft, and Management by using the Trait points that can be obtained when the Commander's level increases.

- Trait points can be returned through the reset button on the top right.

# All traits of Ground Force, Aircraft, and Management are reset when the Trait is initialized.


◆ Commander Talent

- Commander's current info can be checked.

◆ Master Level

- Commander's current Master Level can be checked.

- Master Level can be increased through Craft and upgrade of the respective equipment.

- After achieving Master Level 10, a Master Buff is available to support Alliance members.

- Master buff supported by alliance member can be overlapping with user's own buff, but buffs supported by multiple alliance members at the same time do not overlap.

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