The Chance of Winning Items
The following information is the probability of obtaining items within the World of War machines◆ Command Tank Supply [Season 1] Comman Tank SupplyGradeAmountChanceT-29 Heavy TankLegendary10.25%M7 Light TankLegendary10.25%M10 WolverineHeroic10.34%M4 ShermanHeroic10.34%SU-85Heroic10.34%T-34Heroic10.34%NashornHeroic10.34%Pz.Kpfw. IV Ausf. DHeroic10.34%M6 Heavy TankEpic10.83%M5 Stuart light tankEpic10.83%KV-1Epic10.83%A-20Epic10.83%TigerEpic10.83%Pz.Kpfw.II Ausf. GEpic10.83%M8A1Epic10.83%M3 GrantEp
What kinds of functions are available in Commander Info?
Commander Info is available by touching the character image in the upper left corner of the game screen. Following functions are available in the Commander Info. ◆ XP - Commander level increases when XP is full and points to increase Commander Trait are given. - XP can be obtained by battling AFV Platoons and completing quests. ◆ Stamina - This is a necessary stat to play AFV Platoon. - Stamina replenishes over time and can be filled
Google - product unpaid after purchase (payment request)
If the product is not paid after purchase, please submit an inquiry using the form below. 1. Check purchase info [Link] https://payments.google.com/payments/home : Login > Other purchasing activity > View purchase history > Select unpaid products 2. Fill out the form below based on the verified information and submit an inquiry ◆ Purchase Details - Name of Commander: - User Number: - Google Account:
How do I create a new Commander?
User can create a new Commander when surpassing a Commander level 7, which are available in the following menu [Commander Info → Settings → Account → Change Commander].
I would like to claim the items in the mail at once.
Mail items can be claimed at once using the v menu at the top right of the inbox. See below for more details. ◆ How to claim mail items at once - Inbox → Click the v mark at top right → Click Select All at bottom left → Click gift shape at bottom right # Mail once received cannot be returned back to a mail.