[Guide | Gameplay] World of War Machines
World of War Machines Guide Gameplay
What kinds of functions are available in Commander Info?
How do I create a new Commander?
What are Speed Up items? Where it is used for?
I would like to claim the items in the mail at once.
What is Research?
What is Peace Shield?
The Chance of Winning Items (2023.04.11)
Aircraft Supply and Management Guide
Aircraft Upgrade Guide
I'd like to know the list of buffs that can be obtained from Aircraft Modification
I want to switch from a new commander to the old commander.
I want to delete a new commander.
I want to report another commander.
I want to know how to leave an alliance.
I want to know how to use Shop Points.
I want to know how to enter coupon codes.
How do I use a Gem discount coupon?
What are sub-levels for buildings?